Miscellaneous Publications
by Matt Wand

Wand, M.
Peter Gavin Hall, 1951 - 2016.
Australian Dictionary of Biography (2023).
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Griffiths, D. and Wand, M.P.
Kenneth G. Russell, 1950 - 2019.
The Institute of Mathematical Statistics Bulletin (2020), 49(5), 14-15.
[PDF file]

Wand, M.P.
Semiparametric regression and the HRW R package. Software Highlight.
The International Society for Bayesian Analysis Bulletin (2019), 26(3), 7-9.
[PDF file]

Wand, M.
Peter Gavin Hall, 20 November 1951 - 9 January 2016.
The Australian Mathematical Society Gazette (2016), 43, 17-19.
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Gottardo, R., Brinkman, R.R., Luta, G. and Wand, M.P.
Recent Bioinformatics Advances in the Analysis of High Throughput Flow Cytometry Data.
Advances In Bioinformatics (Special Issue) (2009), Article ID 461762, Hindawi Publishing Corporation.
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Wand, M.P. and Schwartz, J.
Smoothing in Environmental Epidemiology.
Encyclopedia of Environmetrics (2002), 4, 2020-2023.
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Simonoff, J.S. and Wand, M. P.
Nichtparametrische Schätzung einer Wahrscheinlichkeitsfunktion ohne Voraussetzungen
Über Deren Form (English: Nonparametric Estimation of Probability and Density Functions).
In Collection of Procedures for Planning and Analysis of Experiments,
D. Rasch, G. Herrendörfer, J. Bock, N. Victor and V. Guiard editors.
Oldenbourg-Verlag: München, pp. 633-643 (in German).
[PDF file]