Miscellaneous Publications
by Matt Wand

Wand, M.
Peter Gavin Hall, 20 November 1951 - 9 January 2016.
Australian Mathematical Society Gazette (2016), 43, 17-19.
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Gottardo, R., Brinkman, R.R., Luta, G. and Wand, M.P.
Recent Bioinformatics Advances in the Analysis of High Throughput Flow Cytometry Data.
Advances In Bioinformatics (Special Issue) (2009), Article ID 461762, Hindawi Publishing Corporation.
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Wand, M.P. and Schwartz, J.
Smoothing in Environmental Epidemiology.
Encyclopedia of Environmetrics (2002), 4, 2020-2023.
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Simonoff, J.S. and Wand, M. P.
Nonparametric Estimation of Probability and Density Functions.
In Collection of Procedures for Planning and Analysis of Experiments,
D. Rasch, G. Herrendörfer, J. Bock, N. Victor and V. Guiard editors.
Oldenbourg-Verlag: München, pp. 633-643 (in German).
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